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Do I really need a financial plan?

Yes. Everyone does.  Planning for the future is complex. And investing well over time is difficult (especially without a map).

Most people (including investment professionals) start and end financial planning with investments - we call this an investment plan. This common mistake leads to performance chasing and lacks consideration of your true needs.

In fact, we believe investment are the last piece of the puzzle that can be discussed only after a road has been created. This is why every one of our clients starts with a financial plan. 

Do I have to sell my existing investments to work with Athena Wealth Management?

No. We will work with you to transition any existing investments in a tax-aware manner that do not meet our guidelines and retain the ones that do in your Athena Wealth Management investment(s).

I am not sure how much I am paying my advisor or the costs associated with my investments. Will you analyze my investment portfolio to determine how much I am paying?

Yes. We will prepare a fee analysis detailing your current fees and expenses. To prepare your analysis we require a copy of your most recent monthly or quarterly statements. 

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